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"SolarService", in order to ensure the uninterrupted operation, longevity & high productivity, and consequently profitability, of the Photovoltaic Parks, has programs for cleaning, maintenance, and complete correct regular control of the installation, regardless of power, throughout Greece. ​

It is estimated that the deposition of dust on the surface of the panels, in addition to reducing the longevity of the equipment, is responsible for an annual reduction in production and consequently lost profits of the order of 15-18%. Cleanup costs are only a small part of these losses. The dirt on the panels comes from:

·          Pollen

·          Birds droppings

·          Dust

·          Mud

·          Snow

·          Transportable materials

·          Chemical compounds

·          Salts (In PV near marine areas)

To maximize the performance of your photovoltaic installation, cleaning should be done at least twice a year, in March/April, when the rains have passed, and in August/September, at the end of summer. The cleaning procedures include the cutting of the grasses as well as the pruning of the trees.


This is done for two main reasons. Firstly, because the shading caused by large grasses or trees significantly reduces the performance of the installation. By shading a panel the entire string loses significant performance. Secondly, because large grasses create a significantly higher fire risk.


Caution! If the panels are not cleaned, a film of dirt will be created over time, which will be very difficult to clean and will have the effect of a vertical decrease in the performance of the installation.

**** The cleaning of photovoltaic panels is only undertaken for customers of our company with a maintenance contract.****

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