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Maintenance is a necessary condition to ensure the uninterrupted and safe operation of your photovoltaic system. The regular annual maintenance of your photovoltaic system is recommended by all manufacturers of the materials and machines used for the smooth and long-term operation of the system. Also, regular maintenance and the existence of a corresponding maintenance contract by a certified specialized company is required by the insurance companies in order for them to compensate the customers-owners of photovoltaic systems in the event of potential damage.

SolarService has already undertaken the maintenance in parks with a total power of 4.36 MW as well as in more than 300 domestic projects and has the appropriate expertise to support you in the maintenance of your photovoltaic installation. Proper maintenance of a photovoltaic system results in the following:

  • The reduction of damages and therefore the reduction of operating costs

  • Maximizing the operating efficiency of the photovoltaic system installation

  • Extending the life of equipment with preventive intervention.

  • Record and keep a diary of equipment status-operation.


In summary, preventive inspection and maintenance procedures include:

  • Visual inspection of the entire installation (Quarterly or more often if this is possible).

  • Six-monthly check of all tightenings (mechanical and electrical equipment.

  • Six-monthly lubrication of any moving parts.

  • Six-monthly cleaning of all equipment.

  • Six-Six-month anti-rust protection.

  • Change, whenever found, any worn materials.

  • Annual transformer check by a specialized workshop (laboratory oil analysis - if the transformer is oil type).

  • Annual cable resistance measurements.

  • Annual measurements of lightning protection and grounding measurements.

Photovoltaic elements, strings, electrical panels, inverters and wiring are measured using special certified instruments. The entire electrical installation is checked with a special multi-functional control and certification instrument for PV installations SOLARTEST 300 N of "HT", for tests on single-phase and three-phase photovoltaic systems according to the EN 50160 standard.

SOLARTEST 300 N achieves the simultaneous recording and analysis of all parameters, environmental (solar radiation, with the help of the HT303N sensor, ambient-element temperature, with the help of the PT300 sensor), and electrical, such as:

  • DC / AC TRMS (single-phase and three-phase)  voltage measurement

  • DC / AC TRMS (single-phase and three-phase) current measurement

  • DC / AC (single-phase and three-phase) wattage measurement

  • AC (single-phase and three-phase) energy measurement

  • Power factor measurement (cosφ) single-phase and three-phase

  • Measurement of voltage anomalies (deeps & peaks, interruptions, unbalances )

  • Measurement of current voltage harmonics up to 49th

  • Flicker analysis according to the standard EN50160

  • Measurement starting currents with resolution 10ms

  • Measurement of voltage fast transients (spikes), with 5us resolution

  • Full network quality analysis as per standard EN50160

  • Equipment heating screening with a special FLIR i7 thermal camera that provides the ability to control all the equipment of a photovoltaic installation, identifying temperature differences that usually indicate potential problems. The specific control concerns: solar panels, connectors and connections, panel junction boxes, inverters, motors, electrical boxes and transformers.


At the end of the maintenance and control procedures with the use of the certified instruments, our company provides a Certificate of verification of preventive control of testing and maintenance of photovoltaic system.

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