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With SolarService, you can install your own Subsidized or Non-Subsidized Roof Photovoltaic System with or without Battery. ​


Trust the proven experience of Solarservice and invest in solar energy through the self-production program (Net metering).


SolarService has installed more than 400 Home Photovoltaics to date ​


Through net metering you can produce your own energy, which will be offset against energy consumption, resulting in a significant reduction in electricity costs!


Save up to 90% on your bill.

With the sun as your ally, you become energy independent by storing the Green Energy produced by your Photovoltaic while simultaneously reducing the cost of your bill and your environmental footprint. ​


We handle the process from start to finish and you save time and money. ​


Take advantage of the government subsidy "Photovoltaics on the Roof" which is in force and applies to all domestic and agricultural supplies today.

  • The subsidy covers residential Photovoltaic systems with a subsidy of up to 100% for the battery and up to 75% for your photovoltaic.

  • For rural electric supplies the subsidy covers Photovoltaic systems with a subsidy of up to 90% for the battery and up to 40% for your photovoltaic.

At SolarService we will also undertake the entire State Subsidy process on your behalf!


SolarService covers the full amount of the government grant until collected, without the consumer having to take on a loan.

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